5 Things That CTOs and Software Developers Can Learn From Each Other

1. A perspective on a project

Developers are often focused on a specific task, such as creating a particular system function. Their duties include ensuring that the code is of good quality and that the solution meets the specified requirements. However, unlike the CTO, they are not always interested in how the entire project will work beyond their responsibility. It is a mistake because it doesn’t allow them to see many important issues from a company or customer perspective.

2. Focus on the business mission

Even the most creative feature that looks great for developers and other tech geeks can be inconsistent with the company’s business mission. Before a programmer performs any task, he should know why he is doing it and how it will affect the whole project.

3. Care for safety issues

Unfortunately, in both CTO and developer jobs, some tasks are not among their favourites. One of them may be security issues. While the role of a CTO requires constant attention to these matters, developers are often reluctant to approach this topic. Here again, the solution is to try to see a big picture of the project. As a developer, you need to be aware of how important security issues are from the perspective of the entire company and how much damage could be done if any irregularities were to appear.

4. Forward-thinking

Have you found a tool, framework, library that can significantly speed up your work on a particular solution? Sounds great, but have you thought about what impact it will have on the further development of your application? Even the best solutions may have some limitations on further actions. Not only the technical leaders but also developers should think ahead and analyze their choices well in this regard.

5. A job well done is never lost

As a developer, have you ever created a feature that was ultimately not implemented due to a change in company strategy? It can be frustrating because you may feel that you “wasted” a lot of your time in vain. But it’s not true! Don’t forget how many things you learned during that time. Time to grow and learn is never wasted, and this is something that both CTO and every software development team member should know.



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Aga Babicz

Aga Babicz


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