71% of IT Specialists Are Open to Changing Jobs. What Are The Salary Ranges of IT Specialists in Poland? [REPORT]

Aga Babicz
6 min readApr 12, 2022

The IT recruitment agency, Next Technology Professionals, has prepared a report on the IT job market in Poland. Thanks to the analysis of 112,000 job offers and collecting the data from 852 specialists, it was possible to make conclusions allowing for a closer look at the actual salaries, the most sought-after technologies and the preferences of candidates regarding participation in recruitment processes. What conclusions turned out to be the most valuable?

More than half of IT specialists (53%) are satisfied with their salary

Experts are the most satisfied with their salary (79%). On the other hand, IT specialists who are the least satisfied are Juniors. Happiness about earnings was also indicated by Mids (60%) and Seniors (69%). However, despite the overall satisfaction with the salary, IT professionals are open to the possibility of changing jobs.

71% of IT specialists are open to changing jobs

Despite the general satisfaction with the salary received, the overwhelming majority of IT professionals (71%) are open to changing jobs in the near future and almost half of them are ready to do it if they receive an interesting offer. According to their answers, the willingness to make such a decision is mainly caused by inadequate salary (20%), no development opportunities (16%) and unsatisfactory projects (12%).

Completely remote work was not so easily achievable in 2021

The possibility of working 100% remotely is important for IT specialists — 63% of the respondents mentioned this model of work as the most important benefit. When analyzing the results of the survey, it can be noticed that as many as 48% of respondents want to work completely remotely, and 50% want to work in a hybrid mode (the most desirable model is 3 days of remote work and 2 days of work from the office). Only 2% of all respondents are willing to work only in the office.

It is worth emphasizing that only 44% of job offers contained the possibility of working in a completely remote mode. This leads to the conclusion that the fully remote working mode, despite the home office trend caused by the pandemic, was not as dominant as could be expected.

Another important fact is that 100% remote work was also offered by companies from outside Poland. The number of job offers in 2021 that were from abroad is 6,500. Polish IT specialists were mainly sought by companies from the United States (19%), Germany (15%), Hungary (13%) and Great Britain (11%).

The most sought-after IT specialists and their salaries

The list of the most sought-after IT Professionals includes Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Frontend Developer, Fullstack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Mobile Developer and Data Scientist. In each of these groups, the largest number of offers were directed to IT specialists on a Mid level. Their average minimum and maximum salary ranges are presented in the table below. Salaries of IT specialists with other experience levels are mentioned in the report.

IT specialists who work with Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Microservices can earn the most

According to the data collected from job advertisements, the highest earnings could be counted by IT specialists who work with Kubernetes (the maximum salary range is 20,954 PLN), Google Cloud Platform (the maximum salary range is 21,325 PLN) and Microservices (the maximum salary range is 21,923 PLN). Additionally, the three programming languages that are the most frequently featured in the advertisements are Java (20%), JavaScript (20%) and Python (18%).

An IT specialist who works on a B2B contract expects a wage increase on average 20% when changing jobs

Experts who work on B2B (28%) have the highest expectations in relation to the expected salary increase when changing jobs. Additionally, the value of the expected bonus on the scale of the annual salary is 24% for a Mid, 21% for a Senior, 18% for a Expert, and 14% for a Junior.

Seniors and Experts receive higher salaries than those presented in job advertisements

Seniors and Experts (both on B2B and employment contracts) can count on higher salaries than those presented in the job advertisements. A similar situation is for Mids on B2B. On the other hand, Juniors’ offered salary is the same as what they receive, regardless of the type of contract. The same situation applies to IT specialists employed on the basis of an employment contract, who are Mids.

77% of respondents indicated that the recruitment process should consist of a maximum of 2 stages

By analyzing the data collected in the report, it can be concluded that many employers are now putting emphasis on shortening the recruitment process. 46% of the recruitment processes in which the respondents participated were finalized within 2 weeks.

Expert’s comment: “ I agree with these expectations. 2 stages of the recruitment process should be enough to make a final decision. The number of stages combined with the short duration of the process can be a strong advantage in competition for the same employee. The efficiency of the recruitment process is the first opportunity to prove to the candidate in practice our values and culture, which we so often boast about.
- Damian Murawski (
BitBag Founder & CTO)

Personality tests, pair programming and code samples are the least frequently preferred methods of competency verification

According to respondents, the most preferred form of competency verification is a technical interview (29%), a remote task (17%), or an HR / business interview (15%).

Remote work, medical packages and work-life balance are the most important for IT specialists in addition to earnings

The most preferred benefits were the possibility of remote work (63%), flexible working time (52%), a medical package (34%) and additional paid leave days (31%). Professional training was also ranked high (28%), which again underlines how important it is for IT specialists to develop and deepen the knowledge gained so far.

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