Design Thinking in HR

1. Empathizing

We should start working in the design thinking model by identifying the recipient of the designed solution. Empathizing, i.e. the first and basic stage of work, consists in trying to “put ourselves in the shoes” of the recipient and understand the needs and challenges which he has to face. For this purpose, we can support ourselves with various tools, such as creating a persona or building a map of empathy. Focus studies and interviews, as well as reports from previously conducted surveys already existing in the company, will also become helpful.

2. Definement

After understanding the recipient’s perspective, it is time to define the problem. At the defining stage, we rely on the previously collected information and data. We wonder:

  • What’s the problem?
  • What does the audience really need?
  • Which elements of the process need to be changed/modernized?

3. Ideation, i.e. generating ideas

In the ideation stage, brainstorming and creative discussion methods will prove useful. This is the time to collect various ideas to solve previously defined problems. We go beyond the scheme here. We avoid skepticism, judging and negating the suggestions of others. Instead, we use tools for creative work, such as sticky notes, magnets and flipcharts.

4. Prototyping

The next step is to create a prototype. From the pool of developed ideas, we choose a few or one of the best. Then we move on to structured work, creating a detailed action plan along with a project to implement the solution.

5. Testing

Finally, it is time to verify the effects of our work. We examine whether the introduced solutions actually work. We can check them ourselves, pass them on to others for evaluation or collect feedback from a selected group of recipients who had the opportunity to test them.



Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing

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Aga Babicz

Aga Babicz


Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing