Digital Business Transformation in the Post-Covid Times — How to Achieve The Best Results?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization in many companies. Businesses had to move their activities to the online zone at an express pace. Unfortunately, it was not easy, and not everyone succeeded.

What mistakes do you need to avoid, and what is the key to success? In this article, we have gathered insights and tips that we want to share with you.

What is Digital Business Transformation?

Source: Gartner

In short, digital transformation is the process of the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. It revolutionizes almost every activity related to operating and delivering value to customers. It’s also associated with some cultural changes in the company and requires implementing some crucial changes in the existing work of employees.

For a successful digital business transformation, you need to integrate three key components: business, technology and people. If all of them work in sync, you will achieve the best results.

Who Drives Digital Transformation?

  • executives — responsible for the appropriate planning and preparation of this process, as well as for tailoring the relevant business activities to the needs and specifics of a company.
  • software development team — responsible for the technical side of digitisation in order to modernise the company’s business processes.

The Main Purposes of Digital Transformation

Better business results

Data-based business decisions

Increase team effectiveness

Employers are looking for new ways to create productivity improvements. One of the best solutions can be digital transformation helping employees to become more effective and help them with the most repetitive and tedious.

5 key steps to drive business digital transformation

Source: Bain and Company

1. Plan and prioritize

What should such an action plan contain?

  • A step-by-step action plan for reframing your company infrastructure
  • A consistent expenditure plan needed to achieve the defined objectives
  • An assessment of qualification your employees, including needed training
  • A list of your corporate technologies that need updates
  • A list of specific goals of your digital transformation

Please note: Digital transformation involves multiple departments, and even if each department uses different roadmaps, they should have consistent goals and plans. Therefore, you should centralize where teams plan, cooperate and execute work to get a complete insight into the status of your everyday work.

2. Select people responsible for managing the digital transformation process

Their strategies are going to be cross-functional because they will be related to key company goals and objectives. Therefore, they will also establish solid alignment between the process and the execution teams to build good relationships with employees playing a vital role in the digital transformation.

3. Use data and business analytics

To set a successful data strategy, you need reliable, well-prepared data and advanced business analytics that help you get the best insights. Moreover, you should remember that IT leaders need access to the right data, in real-time, presented in a way that is easy to analyze. Therefore, you should synchronize all data-collecting systems to improve work across the organization.

Remember: Data Science and Business Analysis are areas that require a lot of knowledge and experience. If your team lacks specialists in these areas, you should consider hiring professionals or outsourcing IT services.

4. Choose the right tools

5. Create a digitalization-oriented corporate culture

First of all, you should present a clear vision of your digital business transformation strategy among all employees. They need to understand that this process will improve all business processes and make their work better and more satisfying. Honesty, transparent communication, collaboration, and honesty are the key elements of success in this area.

Digital transformation is a future you cannot avoid. If you are ready but need support, contact us. Our experts are highly experienced in this field and will be happy to help you achieve the best results.



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