Employer Branding — 5 Benefits of Taking Care of the Employer’s Image

Nowadays, recruiters more and more often struggle with the shortage of candidates. The favorable situation in the labor market for specialists from various industries means that it is often the candidate who sets the conditions for taking up a job, and not the other way around, as it was a dozen or so years ago. IT experts are one of the most common examples here. The same applies to industries employing e.g. welders, financiers, traders and senior managers. Employer Branding comes in here to help.

Why should we take care of its development in the company? Find out in the article.

What is Employer Branding?

Just as the assessment of your company translates into sales results, the image created among employees and candidates affects their willingness to work in the company, and thus also the quantity and quality of applications sent.

Why is it worth taking care of the company’s image as an employer?

In addition, effective Employer Branding activities (consistent with the actual state of the company) reduce the risk of error in the context of matching the competencies and character of a new employee to the expectations of the job and the organizational culture prevailing in the company. Thanks to this, the company saves the recruiter’s money and time, usually devoted to long verification of the application and the entire process of selecting candidates.

Therefore, Employer Branding activities bring many benefits. First, they make it easier to attract and retain the best talent. Secondly, they have a positive effect on reducing costs and encouraging customers to cooperate with us.

How does Employer Branding provide so many benefits?

1. Increases the number of spontaneous applications

2. Makes recruiting more effective

3. It allows you to attract the right talents

4. Provides increased commitment and reduced rotation

5. Affects financial results and customer satisfaction

Employer Branding brings only benefits

In addition, Employer Branding activities build a stronger commitment of employees and positively affect their satisfaction with the work performed and motivation to take up new challenges. The positive image of the employer is also not indifferent to clients who are more willing to cooperate with an ethical company that not only focuses on achieving more and more profits, but puts employees in the first place.

If you are looking for committed IT specialists who will join your team and you want to cooperate with an effective IT recruitment agency — send us a message.

Originally published at https://nexttechnology.io on July 20, 2022.



Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing

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Aga Babicz

Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing