How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Web Developer?

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Web development is related to the creation of websites and web applications. The cost of hiring a Website Developer depends on many factors, such as the experience required, the size of the project and the technologies that are used. However, before we present you the salaries on the IT job market in Poland, it is worth explaining who these types of programmers are. In order to answer this question, it is important to highlight the areas of their specialization. There are 3 main types of Web Developers. These are the Frontend, Backend, and Fullstack Developers. How do these job positions differ?

Hiring a Frontend Developer

Tasks of Frontend Developers involve making changes to the part of the website that the user interacts with. To sum up, they are responsible for implementing the visual part of the website and adjusting its entire layout. As a result, the pages are displayed correctly on all devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). According to our report, the most common technologies appearing in job offers addressed to a Frontend Developer are: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and React.js.

Hiring a Backend Developer

Backend Developer is responsible for the structure of the website, which is hidden behind the frontend. Making every effort to optimize the website in the best possible way is on the list of tasks of this IT specialist. This person is often building or maintaining the code, and looking after servers or databases. Moreover, solving technical problems or speeding up the website are tasks often performed by this IT specialist. Programming languages used by Backend Developers include Java, Python, PHP and MySQL or Golang. This IT specialist also makes important decisions about the security of the website.

Hiring a Fullstack Developer

Fullstack Developer is a person who combines the skills of a Frontend Developer and a Backend Developer. Fullstack Developer makes key technology decisions. If you think about hiring an IT specialist who combines both of these skills then this kind of Web Developer will be the perfect person to work on the project. Morover, this IT specialist is experienced in solving possible problems with the website. Basing on our report, the most often appearing skills in job offers are: JavaScript, React.js, Angular, Java, Docker, .NET.

JavaScript as a must-have technology

The results of a survey conducted by Stack Overflow among 83,000 IT specialists underlines the popularity of JavaScript. According to the results, as many as 63% of programmers use JavaScript. What is more, this language dominates as the most often appearing technology in job offers for Fullstack Developers. The average salary offered related to the programming language used is presented in the table below.

The average salary received is related to the IT candidate’s level of experience, as well as the type of contract. Seniors (22,619 PLN) and Experts (28,500 PLN) employed on B2B contract earn the most. Furthermore, Fullstack Developers also use other technologies. You can find more details on the average salary range of Polish IT specialists in our report.

The average salary for a Frontend Developer

The cost of hiring a Frontend Developer in Poland can range from 4,850 PLN to even 26,080 PLN. The amounts presented below are the average minimum and maximum salaries appearing in job offers in 2021.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Web Developer?

The average salary for a Backend Developer

According to the report by Nofluffjobs, Backend Developers employed on a B2B contract can count on earnings in the range of 14,700 PLN — 20,160 PLN. On the other hand, on the employment contract, these amounts are ranged from 11,000 PLN to 16,567 PLN on average. What’s more, in the context of the programming languags, Bulldogjob reports that Backend Developers who are experienced with Scala (18,550 PLN) and Ruby (14,054 PLN) can earn the most.

The average salary for a Fullstack Developer

The average amounts that appeared in job offers for a Fullstack Developer range from 5,716 PLN to even 25,351 PLN depending on the experience. The table below shows a comparison of the average minimum and maximum salaries presented in the job offers.

How to hire a Web Developer?

Regardless of what type of a Web Developer you are looking for, you should take into account the current IT job market. Programmers specialized in this area are in great demand both in Poland and abroad. In the latest report on the IT job market in Poland, you can see that in the context of the most sought-after specialists, Frontend Developer took first place along with QA Engineer, and Fullstack Developer was second in this ranking.

The data also shows that apart from money, the possibility of remote work, receiving a medical package and work-life balance are very important for IT candidates. Additionally, when you take iinto account the competition, which is equally interested in hiring a Web Developer in Poland, it is worth carrying out quick and effective recruitment process. The report shows that the most preferred time of the recruitment process for IT specialists is 2 weeks. You can guess that the longer the process takes, the greater the chance that a well-suited candidate will no longer be available. To sum up, in addition to earnings, to convince a Web Developer to take up or change jobs, you should think about offering remote work, benefits and interesting projects.

IT recruitment agencies have access to advanced tools to find the most suitable candidates. One of them is the ATS system, which helps with information management about the recruitment processes. You can read more about ATS systems in our article and analyze the costs of purchasing access to them. However, experience and knowledge, combined with technologies that improve the course of the path to employing the most suitable candidates, will save your time and money. So in conclusion, when you want to hire a Web Developer we recommend you to work with a recruitment agency. Read about how to choose an IT recruitment agency in a separate blogpost.

Why is it worth hiring a Web Developer in Poland?

The costs of hiring a Web Developer or other IT specialists in Poland are relatively low compared to other countries. Additionally, you can hire really experienced IT professionals here, which is confirmed by the Hackerrank ranking. Poland is in the top three countries with the best programmers. As an IT recruitment agency with experience confirmed by clients’ opinions, you can contact us. We will help you find a Web Developer who will be the most suited to your organization.

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