How to Do Well at a Job Interview in IT? — Interview with Kamil Ficek

Kamil, what do you think is the single most inappropriate candidate’s approach to the hiring process?

How should a candidate not behave during an interview?

Now, on the other hand, how should a candidate behave in order to perform well in an interview?

Do the stress and body language of the candidate, affect the process? Does the fact that hiring processes are now done online somehow affects this?

What should you keep in mind when contacting a recruiter?

How best to discuss salaries? Should the recruiter and candidate negotiate, or is this perhaps the role of Hiring Managers?

Is it common for candidates to criticize their previous or current employers? What are the most common things they complain about and how is this behavior perceived by recruiters?

How do high technical skills but poor soft skills affect candidate effectiveness?

Do gaps in knowledge about the employer cancel the chance of employment?

How is it perceived for a candidate to ask multiple questions during an interview?

How’s the situation with the CV? Sometimes it takes a while for a candidate to send a resume. Is it necessary to have a CV to participate in the process?

Can you identify the top 3 tips for candidates to increase their employability?



Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing

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