How to Hire a Python Developer in 2022? Guide for Employers and Hiring Managers

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Are you looking for a Python Developer to join your team but are not sure what you can do to find and hire someone who fits your needs? We have something for you! In this article, you’ll find some essential tips to help you with this challenge.

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Who Is And What Does a Python Developer Do?

A Python Developer is, as the name suggests, a programmer who specializes in Python, a high-level, object-oriented programming language. It is a general-purpose technology, so Python Developers have a wide range of job opportunities. They can create:

  • games,
  • applications,
  • websites,
  • fintech solutions,
  • AI & ML-based software
  • and much more.

Python has a clear and relatively easy to learn syntax, so many beginning programmers start by learning this language. It is even recommended to children, which has resulted in writing books such as “ Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python “.

Python — popularity

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, Python is the most popular backend programming language globally. As many as 48.24% of software developers say they can program in this technology. Moreover, it’s also the most wanted language among developers who are not developing with this language.

But does the fact that many programmers know Python means that it’s easy to find employees who specialize in the language? Unfortunately, we don’t have good news for you. According to the HackerRank Developer Skills Report, Python is the most popular backend language Hiring Managers look for in a candidate.

It’s worth mentioning that the popularity of Python is also confirmed by the fact that the world’s biggest technology giants use it. In the graphic below you can see the names of companies that have created their leading solutions using Python:

Python Developer — average annual salary

Python Developers’ earnings depend on the country the employer is from. Below you will find a list of their salaries in several countries around the world:

  • Poland (according to the report of Just Join IT): 12,800 PLN/month ($3,130) | $37,560/year
  • Germany: $4,911/month | $58,932/year
  • Denmark: $6,377/month | $76,526/year
  • The Netherlands: $4,125/month | $49,520/year
  • United Kingdom: $4,599/month | $55,190/year
  • United States: $9,490/month | $113,889/year *

* According to ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and PayScale

5 Tips for Hiring a Python Developer

As we mentioned earlier, Python Developers are highly sought after in the job market, so the competition among employers is really high. In this article, we will present you 5 tips that might be helpful.

1. Create a perfect job offer.

Software developers are individuals who respect their time. They do not like to waste it browsing through jobs that do not fit their needs. What can you do? Start by creating a good ad. Focus on specifics, especially on what may really interest a Python Developer, i.e. information about:

  • technology stack
  • form of cooperation
  • information whether you offer remote work and flexible hours
  • team size
  • specific requirements
  • project on which a given person will work
  • salary

Especially without the last one, they will most likely reject your offer right away. Nowadays, every software developer expects this data in an ad, and a lack of information about the offered salary can be taken as a lack of respect for your candidate.

2. Show that you know and understand their needs.

Creating an ad that follows the tips in point one shows that you understand and respect your potential candidate’s expectations. But can you do something more? Of course, you can. Try to ensure that your recruiters are fully competent and knowledgeable about the position you are recruiting for. It is good to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts related to Python, related libraries, frameworks, and tools. Your potential candidate needs to feel that they are talking to professionals that they will be comfortable working with.

Moreover, it would help if you also took care of your employer branding. Post pictures of your development team’s daily work or stories from the company’s integration on social media. Remember to make sure that your company’s online image is in line with reality.

3. Offer a competitive salary.

One of the most common reasons for changing jobs is inadequate compensation. Therefore, if you are anxious to find a new Python Developer to join your team, you need to offer more than other employers or find another way to stand out from the competition. It’s a good idea to keep track of salary reports or job postings from other companies so you can offer a rate that will be attractive to new employees.

And what if you can’t offer more? Well, with the ability to work remotely, it’s a good idea to look for employees in countries other than your company’s office. Please look at the section where we described salaries in each country. As you can see, the difference in pay is big, so you can look for a Python Developer in a country where the salary is lower.

4. Describe your project.

Software developers such as Python developers are usually enthusiasts who love their work. Apart from their earnings, they care about their satisfaction from their job, so the projects they work on are very important to them.

If your company is working on creating an application that changes the world for the better, write about it. You can include such information in a job offer or on your company website. Try to encourage work in this project by showing why it is essential and the role of a new employee in its creation. Especially for Python Developers who can be part of a team that creates advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence, information about what they will be working on is very important. Sometimes such an exciting project can be more important than the salary, so it is worth mentioning.

5. Hire an outsourcing company

If you are still having difficulty in hiring a Python Developer despite implementing the following tips, consider working with an outsourcing company. Such companies work with many professional Python Developers and will help you find an employee perfectly tailored to your requirements. This solution saves a lot of time and money. We described more benefits of outsourcing in a separate article.

What is essential, you do not have to hire the whole team to cooperate with such an organization. Nowadays, there are many outsourcing options, such as body leasing or staff augmentation, which give many new possibilities tailored to your company’s needs. Read this article to learn more and choose the best outsourcing model for your company.

Are you looking for Python Developers for your company? Contact us! We can find many skilled specialists willing to join your team.

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