How to Hire Mobile App Developers in 2022?

Who is and what does a Mobile App Developer do?

Mobile Developer, is a person who creates functional and aesthetically pleasing applications that meet all the needs of the end customer. Such a developer specializes in mobile technologies such as app development for the aforementioned Android, iOS, or Windows Phone systems. Mobile app developers create, test, update and manage mobile apps throughout the app lifecycle. They are responsible for both programming the mobile application and designing its user interface.

What skills should a Mobile App Developer have?

A mobile app developer needs to know the right languages and technologies to practice their profession. There are two main positions: iOS Developer and Android Developer. The differences are closely related to the software itself, and in a nutshell, Android is a universal and open system, while iOS on the contrary — a significant part of the software is created internally by Apple. Each application coming from “outside” is carefully analyzed and subjected to numerous tests.

What does an iOS Developer do?

An iOS Developer creates, tests, and updates apps for iOS devices. For this platform, until recently, proficiency in Objective-C was sufficient. Nowadays, Xcode (a development environment) is mainly used to create iOS apps and Swift, which replaced Objective-C and became the primary iOS programming language, was implemented in the eighth release of the system. However, knowledge of Objective-C can be useful when you have been writing iOS applications for 2–3 years and want to get to know this platform better. It is worth knowing its basics, as well as the elements that influenced the Swift language, i.e. the Objective-C Runtime and the object-oriented approach it implements. Knowledge of Objective-C is also useful for understanding how external libraries work that have not yet been fully ported to Swift, or for working on programs written in Objective-C. An iOS developer should be able to design and architect iOS device applications from scratch.

Skills an iOS Developer should have

What does an Android Developer do?

The Android Developer is responsible for developing applications for Android devices. He designs and develops applications and then tests the code for edge cases and overall usability. Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, and the devices supported by it are expected to grow in the future.

Skills an Android Developer should have

Mobile App Developer Salary

  • Junior 5,907zł — 9,958zł
  • Mid 13,318zł — 20,580zł
  • Senior 16,450zł — 24,790zł
  • Expert 18,656zł — 25,995zł


The faster and faster-growing number of users of mobile devices causes the demand for specialists programming for mobile systems to increase as well. There is nothing to indicate that this upward trend will soon reverse, so the profession of iOS/Android developer is undoubtedly attractive and very promising. Mobile applications are becoming an increasingly important part of business strategy. Mobile applications can be installed directly on the phone, they can send notifications and interact with users. As such, it is the job of the mobile app developer to ensure that the mobile apps work properly so that the company can achieve its business goals and users enjoy the features available. When looking to hire the right Mobile App Developer, it is also important to approach the hiring process properly.



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Aga Babicz

Aga Babicz

Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing