How to Hire PHP Developers? 3 Basic Rules for a Successful Recruitment

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting programming language designed to generate web pages and create real-time web applications. It is handled on the server side, which means that it is invisible to the user. It allows, among others, dynamic page generation, creating and modifying files on the server, limiting access to specific subpages of the website, data encryption, or using cookies. It also allows the handling of databases, which, however, requires knowledge of SQL. It is also worth noting that the latest versions of PHP are characterized by very high performance, which affects the speed of websites created in it. PHP is currently the most popular coding language when it comes to websites. As of 2021, PHP was the fourth most used programming language according to the RedMonk index and has been consistently ranked among the most popular technologies for years according to Stack Overflow reports. It is the language in which 80% of the 10 million most popular websites are written, including Facebook, Wikipedia, IBM, WordPress, Tesla, and WhatsApp. It is distributed under an open license, so anyone can download it for free and use it with virtually no restrictions.

Who is and what does PHP Developer do?

PHP Developer is a person who creates computer programs using a specialized programming language. He uses it to prepare special code for the website and is responsible for data exchange between the website and its visitors. PHP Developer uses PHP scripting language to generate web pages and create web applications. Before starting the work, he has to determine the goals and objectives of the project and the necessary hardware requirements for its implementation. Then he writes the operation of the website or application in the form of algorithms, which he then codes using the capabilities of the PHP language. The program version created in this way is then tested and corrected if necessary. The final process is to install and run the created application.

What skills should a PHP Developer have?

Knowledge of PHP is not the only thing a PHP Developer should know. In addition to PHP, a PHP Developer should have good knowledge of MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, XML, XSL, and Smarty. PHP Developer should also have experience in web application development and should have very good knowledge of the broader internet and web development standards. In most advertisements for this profession knowledge of English is also required. Soft skills are also important, such as the ability to think logically and draw conclusions, communication skills, creativity, and independence.

PHP Developers Salary

It is common knowledge that salaries in the IT industry are very attractive. The high salary of a PHP programmer is one of the main motives of people who have decided to switch industries in recent years.

How to hire PHP Developer? 3 basic rules for successful recruitment:

1. Prepare a suitable job offer

In the IT industry, high salaries for PHP Developers are a normal thing. For many of them, as well as other professionals, they are the main starting point to begin any conversations about possible employment. Be sure to include a salary range in your ad. Many IT professionals don’t even read job postings if they don’t include the rates you can offer.

2. Look for candidates in the right places

Once you’ve defined your terms and conditions and drafted a professional ad — it’s time to get it out to as many PHP Developers as possible.

3. Use third-party support

It is worth remembering that the IT industry is governed by its own laws. The increasingly stringent requirements that candidates place on their potential employers mean that many recruitment processes require more than a good offer and a well-prepared ad. A lot of very good and experienced PHP Developers are not looking for a new jobs. They are satisfied with their current employment, so they rarely look into places where they could see your offer.


PHP language has a huge future ahead of it. As you can see by the statistics, a lot of people are choosing to re-brand themselves and become PHP Developers. However, there is still a great shortage of this type of specialist in the market and thus, it is hard to find a PHP Developer on your own who can meet the requirements. So if you are looking for such a specialist to join your team or you need PHP Developers for a project — contact us. Thanks to our network of contacts, internal database, direct search method, consistency and ability to thoroughly vet candidates, we are able to carefully select candidates and deliver only the most promising resumes, even within 3–5 days.



Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing

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Aga Babicz

Aga Babicz

Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing