HR Competencies. How to Develop Skills in the HR Industry?

The new role of the recruiter

Nowadays, when it is more and more difficult to find candidates meeting the expectations of the employer, the role of the recruiter is changing significantly. It no longer consists only of the appropriate selection of applications and verifying the competencies of candidates. It is extremely important to stay in constant contact with candidates, maintain good relations with them, build the company’s image as a friendly employer, as well as, in a way, sell a job offer and encourage candidates to apply to us.

  • responsiveness,
  • taking care of the efficient flow of information,
  • providing constructive feedback,
  • authenticity,
  • credibility,
  • building trust.

Key HR competencies

What features should an ideal HR specialist have? In addition to finding the best talents, a good recruiter should also demonstrate the ability to convince them to work in the company. Sales skills, persuasion and negotiation will be especially useful here.

The specifics of an IT recruiter’s work

The basis of a recruiter’s work is knowledge of the industry and a thorough analysis of the job he wants to fill in. This is especially important in IT recruitment, which requires a much deeper understanding of the specificity of work than in other areas.

Several possible directions of development in HR

Following a lot of analysis and research, AIHR specialists have defined four key HR skills needed to operate effectively in 2025. According to AIHR, the competencies of the future include technical efficiency, the ability to work with data, business thinking and empathetic work with people. Depending on your role in the organization, it is worth deciding which of the following paths is most appropriate for each of us.

Ability to work based on data

The ability to work in a data-driven, or evidence-based approach, means reading, applying, creating and communicating data as valuable information in order to influence decision-making.

  • Excel for intermediate and advanced learners,
  • Introduction to HR analytics,
  • Training in selection tools,
  • Data visualization training,
  • Training in creating and conducting research.

Business thinking

Business thinking, also known as business sense, is the ability to translate the organization’s goal, mission and business context into a strategy and to select HR activities that will best serve the interests of the organization.

  • Lean management in recruitment,
  • Agile in HR and Employer Branding,
  • Service Design,
  • Design Thinking.

Technical efficiency

Technical efficiency, or digital intelligence, is the possibility of using technology to increase work efficiency.

  • Introduction to programming,
  • IT courses aimed at HR specialists,
  • Trainings on talent sourcing,
  • Training on the use of specific HR tools,
  • Training on the use of recruitment management systems, such as ATS.

Empathetic work with people

The researchers explain empathetic work with people as the ability to build a strong internal culture, communicate skilfully, bring out the best in people and act as a trusted master of employees.

  • Positive psychology,
  • Communication,
  • Assertiveness,
  • Emotional Intelligence.



Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing

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Aga Babicz

Aga Babicz

Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing