Nearshore Software Development: Why Nordic Companies Hire Polish Software Developers?

What is nearshoring?

Before we answer why you should choose Poland to nearshore your software development, let’s explain what nearshoring is. In short, nearshoring is outsourcing business processes to relatively close regions — both geographically and culturally. The nearshore model allows for better communication without the need to adapt to a different time zone, as well as mentality, organizational, or legal culture of the country to which the services are outsourced. Many companies in Eastern Europe, such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Ukraine, have developed their IT services by offering their support to Western European companies struggling with staff shortages.

Nordic companies that decided on nearshoring to Poland

Many Nordic companies have long been successfully hiring Polish software developers. Thanks to such solutions, they can work so well and offer the highest quality services. The most well-known companies that not only employ remote developers from Poland, but also decided to open their offices there include:

  • Nordea Bank
  • Nokia
  • Danske Bank A/S
  • Handelsbanken
  • Jyske Bank
  • Nykredit
  • Volvo Group,
  • Ericsson
  • Skanska
  • Assa Abloy Group
  • Fortum

Six key reasons why Nordic companies hire Polish software developers

1. A high number of qualified software developers

Today, the biggest problem facing the IT industry worldwide is staff shortages. According to Solving the UK Skills Shortage — Technology, over 70% of IT employers experienced skills shortages. What’s interesting, this report was published in 2018, and the problem with IT talent shortages is still increasing.

2. Geographical and cultural proximity

Now, you may be thinking: “Ok, but why not hire specialists from countries where there are even more programmers, such as India or China?”. The answer is proximity. Not only geographical but above all: cultural. Asian countries have a completely different work culture from European, especially Nordic countries. Working with their representatives can involve many misunderstandings and communication problems related to their English skills and even verbal communication.

3. Lower Costs

Another important issue — money. Below you will find the average annual rates of software developers from Poland and the Nordic countries based on data from three sources — Glassdoor, PayScale and SalaryExpert.

  • Salary for HR specialists engaged in IT staff recruitment
  • Healthcare and other benefits
  • Payroll taxes
  • Time for onboarding
  • Administrative costs such as office maintenance

4. Time savings

Another critical issue that you should take into account is the time needed to hire suitable candidates. For example, the recruitment time for an IT employee in Finland takes on average six months. If you decide to choose the services of a Polish IT outsourcing company, this time can be reduced to as little as one month. Thanks to such a solution, you can implement your key projects faster, without waiting a long time to find employees.

5. High skills

Did you know that Polish software developers are among the best ones in the world? According to the Programming Olympics — a popular ranking presented by HackerRank, Poles are in 3rd place among the world’s best software developers.

  • Finland came in 15th place
  • Sweden came in 25th place
  • Denmark came in 34th place
  • Norway came in 36th place

6. Good communication

You already know that hiring Polish software developers will save your time and money, and it will also be an investment in talented professionals. Now, the last thing you may probably have doubts about is eventual communication problems with Poles. But do you really have any reason to be worried? Probably not.



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