Nearshore Software Outsourcing: Why Swiss Hire Polish Software Developers?

Poland is currently one of the most frequently chosen destinations for IT outsourcing by Swiss companies. Why do entrepreneurs decide to invest their money in cooperation with Polish developers? In this article, you will find 5 key reasons why this choice can help your business.

What is nearshore, and why should you consider it?

  • Less cultural differences
  • Better opportunities for live meetings
  • Good communication
  • Similar time zones

For more on the differences between nearshore, offshore and software development, read the article: Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore — what is it?

Swiss companies in Poland

Among the Swiss companies that have decided to open offices in Poland are:

  • Franke
  • Jura
  • Clariant
  • Ringier Axel Springer Media
  • Roche
  • Stadler
  • Sulzer Mixpac
  • Luxoft
  • ABB

Interestingly, the most popular fields here are IT companies.

5 Key Reasons Why Swiss Hire Polish Software Developers

1. Money Savings

But that’s not the end of the savings. Deciding on nearshoring Polish software developers, you can also save money on:

– recruitment process

– office rentals

– costs of employee benefits

– and much more.

Analyzing all costs, it may turn out that you can hire as many as three or more Poles for the price of one employee in Switzerland.

2. Cultural and geographical proximity

No time difference makes it easy to contact Polish employees. In addition, the geographical proximity allows for quick travels and frequent live meetings.

3. Good communication

So, let’s look at the EF English Proficiency Index. According to this source, Poland ranks 14th in Europe with the highest level of English proficiency. Moreover, according to Wikipedia, 37% of Poles speak English.

It is worth mentioning that this ranking takes into account all Poles. As far as software developers are concerned, their knowledge of English is almost mandatory.

4. Large talent pool

What’s interesting, about 22% of Poles aged 24 or above have a university education. As a result, Poland provides around 40,000 software engineering graduates per year, constituting as many as 10% of new IT talents in the whole EU. Moreover, McKinsey predicts that the Polish outsourcing market will increase to 600,000 by 2025.

5. High level of IT skills

Moreover, they are also ranked first in Java programming language skills and other popular technologies such as Python, Ruby, or Shell.

What about Swiss developers? In the same ranking, Switzerland was in 4th place.

Do you feel that nearshoring is something for you? If you are looking for experienced Polish software developers, contact us! We will be happy to help you find the best specialists for your project.



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