Stereotypes in IT Recruitment

Stereotypes about Candidates

All IT Specialists are Programmers

While programmers are a group of people that often get the most attention, they do not constitute an entire group, commonly referred to as “IT specialists”. An IT specialist is a technical professional that is responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of IT systems. The job descriptions include specialization in network analysis, system administration, security and information assurance, database administration, web administration and much more!

IT Specialist are Antisocial Introverts

“IT professionals are antisocial and always act like they are the smartest in the room” — this generalization probably arose from the fact that the work of people with technical knowledge requires concentration and reflection and is often done on one’s own. On the other hand, however, contact with the client can not be done without advanced communication and interpersonal skills. The same applies when working in a team. “Sitting in the basement all day” and not being able to talk with other people is definitely not in line with reality.

People Who Work in IT Don’t Care About Their Appearance

Only Men Work in IT

​​It’s true that women are still a minority in the IT industry, but it is a real challenge to change the stereotype that technical jobs are only meant for guys. It is a big problem, rooted already in the education system, which often divides the popularity of subjects based on genders. However, the number of women at technical universities is gradually increasing, which also results in a growing number of women in IT. It is especially visible in the GameDev area, where 25–28% of employees are females.

Stereotypes about Recruiters

Lack of Technical Knowledge

One of the most common stereotypes when it comes to IT recruiters is focused on their knowledge, more precisely…alleged lack of it. Sometimes it is true, which can be seen e.g. on the screenshot below:

Recruiter’s Job is Easy

Recruiters Know Very Little About the Project

Candidates often believe that they will learn almost nothing about the project from the recruiter and sometimes they consider such a conversation a waste of time. Meanwhile, one of our recruiters said: “More than once I have received feedback that the candidate has gotten a lot of information from me about the team, the technologies and the ongoing projects.”.

How much TRUTH is there in all this?

Every profession has a reputation, an instant association and judgment of character, all in line with our or others’ personal experiences. Nurse, plumber, banker, lawyer, politician; each carries a certain set of expectations on their traits.



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Aga Babicz


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