To Be a Junior Software Developer…

The situation of Junior Software Developers

Who is a junior software developer? There are no rigid criteria determining what skills a programmer should have at a given stage of the career path, which results from the variety of implemented projects and different requirements for their employees set by companies. However, usually, a junior is defined as a person who has a maximum of approx. 2 years of programming experience. According to data collected by No Fluff Jobs — the Polish IT job board, half of juniors have not completed IT studies. 39% of less experienced specialists are graduates of majors focused on IT, 30% of juniors gained skills during online courses, and another 16% are graduates of programming schools.

So what’s about this “experience”?

Is it worth giving a junior a chance?

“It often happened that after the interviews I didn’t receive any feedback or even the information about the end results” — this method of communication is often discouraging and weakens the enthusiasm of people entering the labor market. After all, for most of us, a job interview is a very important moment, so from the position of a recruiter, it is worth remembering about providing support and transparently informing the candidate about the status of the recruitment process. Junior, who has been looking for a job for a long time, will certainly be attached to the company that first saw its potential and encouraged further development. Therefore, it is worth taking care of this loyalty from the first moments of contact with the candidate.



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Aga Babicz

Aga Babicz


Marketing Specialist at Next Technology Professionals - IT Recruitment | IT Outsourcing