Top 3 Frontend Languages in 2022

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In one of our latest articles, we dwelled on the topic of Top 10 Programming Languages in 2022. Now, the time has come to take a closer look at the most popular frontend languages. If you’re thinking about becoming a Frontend Developer, it will be useful to find answers to questions:

  • which frontend languages are most sought?
  • which technologies are worth considering as a career path?
  • what is the market demand for Frontend Developers?
  • what is the popularity of frontend languages?
  • what is the Frontend Developer’s salary?

Let’s check out the top 3 frontend languages in 2022!

What is frontend development?

To put it simply, Frontend Developer is responsible for creating a part of the software that is seen and used directly by the end-user. This includes graphic design, UX, functionality, interactions, navigation, and more. Frontend Developer is in charge of designing the entire layer, verifying whether it works correctly in a variety of situations, and connecting it with the backend.

On the contrary, Backend Development handles the operations that are happening behind the visual layer, such as updating and managing databases, APIs, building libraries, scripting, etc. In order to create a fully functional app, both backend and Frontend Developers must cooperate.

How many developers do we have on the market? According to Stack Overflow Development Survey 2022, 26% of developers are frontend developers. To give you a full overview, 47% are full-stack developers and 43% backend developers. The frontend developer’s salary is $60.000 (median yearly salary in USD).

The cost of hiring a Frontend Developer in Poland can range from 4,850 PLN to even 26,080 PLN. The amounts presented below are the average minimum and maximum salaries appearing in job offers in 2021.

Top frontend languages in 2022

Once you get interested in becoming a Frontend Developer, it’s time to choose the language you would like to learn. With a huge variety of options and a dynamically changing environment, it’s not an easy task. Let’s take a look at the most popular frontend languages in 2022.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a basic frontend language design for the development of websites and web applications. It provides a structure of the webpage and defines the way of displaying content. Basically, every single website you display on your browser is somehow based on HTML.

The complimentary language for HTML is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which supports the visual side of website development. It is used for presenting the content created with HTML — it allows defining colors, fonts and styles.

The main benefits of those languages are that they are easy to understand and learn. Moreover, they can be used within many creative implementations to display various types of content: photos, videos or text. The languages are universal and utilized in every website or web app development project.

According to Stack Overflow Development Survey 2022, HTML & CSS are used by 55% of all developers, and the salary of HTML Developer is $52.980.

Although the ability to program in HTML & CSS is a must in case you wish to develop websites, they are considered as very basic skills. Frontend Developers are usually expected to perform coding skills in more advanced and sought languages, such as JavaScript or TypeScript. Let’s take a closer look at them.

2. JavaScript

In 2022 JavaScript has been the most popular language 10th year in a row. It’s been growing steadily since 1995, and now is the most frequently chosen language worldwide.

JavaScript elements are included in the majority of modern websites. The language helps to make them more interactive by implementing features such as games, videos, audio, animations, interactive maps, and more. The main benefits are simple and intuitive code syntax, universality and the ability to design many kinds of actions.

Moreover, JavaScript comes along with a number of useful frameworks that make the development process easier and smoother. To name but a few of the most popular:

The average salary received is related to the IT candidate’s level of experience, as well as the type of contract. Seniors (22,619 PLN) and Experts (28,500 PLN) employed on a B2B contract earn the most. You can find more details on the average salary range of Polish IT specialists in our report.

3. TypeScript

Although still on the way to conquering JavaScript, TypeScript has been recently gaining popularity. Designed by Microsoft back in 2012, it is now utilized by nearly 35% of developers. It’s also the 4th most loved programming language in 2022, which made the famous JavaScript stay way behind. The goal of creating TypeScript was the development of large applications and trans-compiling them to JavaScript.

Although being compared to JavaScript nearly all the time, TypeScript actually has important benefits that make it win against its main competitor. TypeScript is easier to understand and learn than JavaScript, which attracts a number of programming adepts. Moreover, the TypeScript Developer salary is higher ($70.276 vs $65.580 for JavaScript Developers).

We hope that this article has helped you to learn more about frontend development opportunities. If you need more advice or wish to pursue your career in the IT field, contact us right away to hear about our career and employment opportunities.

And if you wish to hire a Frontend Developer, feel free to reach out to us to inquire about top candidates available for your project.

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