Women in IT

Global Situation

Globally, women make up 35% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students and 29.3% of those working in scientific research and development (R&D). According to data collected by Adeva, women hold 25% of all the jobs in the tech industry. Despite the fact that there are a few well-recognized women in top positions, such as Sheryl Sandberg — Facebook COO or Susan Wojcicki — YouTube CEO, at the Executive level females makeup 21% of the overall workforce. It is also visible that Top Tech companies struggle to balance the gender gap — there were just 7% female participants in the Stack Overflow Developers survey, only 6% of user-profiles on GitHub are women and only 18% of women employees in Google hold technical roles.

Situation in Poland

According to data collected by NoFluffJobs — a Polish job board dedicated to IT positions, it is estimated that in Poland, women constitute approx. 30% of IT specialists. The most popular programming languages that they use are Java, JavaScript, Python and SQL. Based on the report published in 2021, 22% of Polish women currently active in the industry gained knowledge during the self-study process. In turn, 12% of the respondents had previously completed IT courses and 28% of women indicated that they graduated from IT-related studies.

Future of women in IT

Women are still underrepresented in the industry, and there is still a lot of inequality against them. Will that change in the future? Based on the current rate of progress some people estimate that it will take until 2133 to close the gender gap entirely. It is expected that 1.6 million young women would work in the tech industry in 2030.

  • educating students about tech and its role in shaping the world,
  • increasing access to tech careers,
  • increasing visibility of female role models in the industry,
  • leveling the playing field for women to enable them achieve their full potential, and…
  • ditching damaging dialogues that perpetuate the stereotype that tech is only a man’s world.

How to support each other?

It is important to support women and encourage them to join the IT industry. The few digital communities and people listed below can be a great source of information and inspiration.

Facebook groups

#Mamo pracuj w IT — Polish community of working women who aim to transform the IT industry into a more inclusive workplace.

Social movements and organisations

SheCodes — an organization that provides coding workshops with the aim of bridging the gender gap in the tech programming industry.

Inspiring females

Reshma Saujani — CEO of Girls Who Code, the nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in technology while teaching girls confidence and bravery through coding.



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